Trenzado Collection

Discover the eco-friendly elegance of the Surya Trenzado Collection. Hand-loomed in India, these unique area rugs feature a sustainable blend of 60% recycled fabric and 40% Jute, combining craftsmanship with environmental consciousness. With a distinctive braided texture and a comfortable no-pile design, the Trenzado Collection adds warmth and style to your space. At a substantial thickness of 0.5" , these rugs showcase both durability and a commitment to mindful living.

60% Recycled Fabric, 40% Jute
Hand Loomed
No Pile
Thickness: 0.5"
Braided Texture
Made in India
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Surya Trenzado TZD-2300 Area Rug
From: $100.00
Surya Trenzado TZD-2301 Area Rug
From: $100.00