Rug Size

Choosing a Rug Size
Area rugs are often used through out the home, the following are the most common uses:


  • Choose a room size rug that would allow you to take a step or two on the rug when getting out of bed.

Dining/Breakfast Room

  • If you measure the length and width of the table and add at least 4' to each measurement, you should have a good estimate of the rug size you need.
  • There should be room to sit at the table with the legs of the chairs remaining on the rug.
  • Dining room tables usually need an 8' or larger area rug.

Living/Family Room
Coffee Table

  • Size depends on the size of your coffee table and surrounding furnishings.
  • Most of the time a 4' x 6' or 6' x 9' area rug works well under a coffee table.
  • All of the legs of the coffee table should rest on the rug.

Entire Room

  • An 8' x 11' rug works well with many rooms. Larger size rugs are available if needed.
  • To make your space seem larger, use the largest rug your room can accommodate.
  • Be sure to leave a nice proportion of flooring around the perimeter.

Rugs 101
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Rug Care and Cleaning
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