Okapi Collection

A tribute to the time-honored craftmanship and culture, the Jaipur Living Okapi Collection shares its striking global influence with modern interiors. These rugs are meticulously handcrafted flatweave rug of 100% jute.

Handmade Quality: handwoven by artisans in India for notable durability and quality.
Eco-Friendly Fibers: made of 100% jute to accentuate the natural style.
Naturally Textured: the natural woven fibers create an organic aesthetic.
Clean and Care: Blot stains immediately and clean with mild soap and water. Use fan or dryer to speed up the drying process-avoid exposure to too much moisture. Vacuum regularly without beater bar. Trim stray tufts with scissors to remove. Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent color change.
Rug Pad Recommended: provide extra cushioning and insulation with a premium rug pad.
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Jaipur Living Okapi OKP01 Temara Area Rug
From: $153.00
Jaipur Living Okapi OKP02 Maiko Area Rug
From: $153.00