Elegance Collection

Intricately designed patterns flow seamlessly throughout each of the gracefully put together pieces of the HRI Elegance Collection. Using premium wool dyed brilliantly through a centuries-old technique, the genius found in each piece is derived from our weavers' ability to delicately fine tune and tie each hand-knotted portion of this collection's designs together. An elegant classic in every sense of the word, the Elegance collection cannot be beaten in both value or elegant style.

Hand Knotted
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HRI Elegance ELE-1 White Area Rug
From: $2,916.00
HRI Elegance ELE-2 Light Blue Area Rug
From: $2,916.00
HRI Elegance ELE-3 Dark Grey Area Rug
From: $2,916.00
HRI Elegance ELE-4 Dark Blue Area Rug
From: $2,916.00
HRI Elegance ELE-6 Dark Silver Area Rug
From: $2,916.00